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Bedrijfsbezoek WP Haton - donderdag 10-10-2019

Donderdag 10 oktober waren we op bezoek bij het innovatieve en vooruitstrevende bedrijf WP Haton. Eens kijken in de keuken van een ander en dan ook in een geheel andere branche. De directie van WP Haton heeft ons meegenomen in de 'wereld van het brood'. WP Haton is één van de grootste producenten van bakkerij machines die wereldwijd worden verkocht.

PHOTO-2019-10-29-13-25-11 (19)

 Welcome on the homepage of Venlo Freight Village.

Experience the exciting and lively activities in Venlo, the Village of Freight.

Who we are ?

Venlo Freight Village is a logistic platform for Venlo and surroundings.

The association became official with the registration at the Chambre of Commerce in Venlo on January 1, 2005.

In 2015 we will celebrate our 10-years anniversary !!

  Where we stand for ?

Venlo  = Planet

Freight = Profit

Village = People / Companies

Vision / mission:

As logistic platform for region Venlo in a (in)formal atmosphere mutual exchange of business know how, experience and  topics, so 'business logistics' can grow and boom to collective projects with individual company benefits .... Together Better !

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What we do for it ?

Besides the formal activities, like joining (logistic) projects, researches, pilots, lobbies, fact findings, company presentations & tours, promotions, seminars, workshops etc. the associations also meets in a more informal way to strengthen the relationship among the members. Both type of activities have the purpose of sharing know how, experience and topics, so relations will become closer, cooperation stronger and the business integrated.

In 2008 Venlo Freight Village became an official contact for the municipality of Venlo for strategic logistic developments and the alderman of the city of Venlo committed to support the Venlo-branding activities organised by the association.

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Who is joining ?

Companies from different sectors in region Venlo join the association. Not only shippers, transporters, logistic service providers, forwarders, but also a bank, local government, chambre of commerce, customs agents, consultants, labour agencies, all with a strong relation to logistics, participate to achieve a stronger and multidisciplinary logistic cluster.

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Are you interested  ?

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Do you have a strong affinity with business logistics, interests in the area of Venlo and meeting professionals from the sector, become an active member of the association Venlo Freight Village. For further information
contact the secretary.

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