July 4, 2020

Venlo Freight Village

P.O. Box 372

NL - 5900 AJ Venlo

The Netherlands



Venlo Freight Village (VFV) started 1 january, 2005 as a logistic platform for region Venlo.

Before that ten companies from the Venlo area joined a collective support programm initiated by the government, called Transaction - ModalShift.

An intensive research among the mainly logistic companies showed that cooperation and clustering of cargo could give the participating members individual benefits. The cooperation in the field of modal-shift, transport by rail and water in stead of road, could bring more cargo to its destination on an enviromental  friendly and cheaper way. The consolidation of Less Trailer Load-cargo could bring kilometer-reduction for the distribution in the Netherlands. And it did. People started to cooperate and companies could enjoy the advantages. After this succesfull project the 10 companies decided to continue seeing and talking to eachother. The ambition was
reaching even further and this led to the establishment of a more formal association on a bigger scale. Venlo Freight Village was born.


After a survey among the members the mission was defined:

As logistic platform for region Venlo in a (in)formal atmosphere mutual exchange of business know how, experience and topics, so 'business logistics' can grow and boom to collective projects with individual company benefits. 

In Dutch: Als logistiek platform voor regio Venlo in een (in)formele sfeer onderling vakkennis, ervaring en actualiteiten uitwisselen, zodat 'business logistics' kan groeien en bloeien tot collectieve projecten met individueel bedrijfsvoordeel.

Logo Venlo Freight Village (s).jpgSoon after the start in 2005 an own logo was launced to get an own identity by showing where VFV stands for:

The logo symbolizes the strong relationship / connectedness between Venlo and the main and central position of the Freight in the area. Here the Freight is handled and will be imported and exported via the three connecting transport modalities(water, rail & road) in Venlo. 
Connected characters symbolize the cooperation in the, by arrows represented dynamic and fast moving, logistic enviroment in Venlo. The blue and green color stands for the preferable enviromental friendly handling and transportation of the Freight (Lean & Green, CO2-neutral, Cradle To Cradle).

In Dutch: Een eigen logo symboliseert de verbondenheid tussen Venlo en de centraal staande vrachten (freight) die hier worden behandeld en die via de 3 op elkaar aansluitende vervoersmodaliteiten in de stad (water, rail en weg) worden aan- en afgevoerd.
Verweven letters duiden op samenwerking in de, door pijlen voorgestelde dynamische en snelle, logistieke omgeving in Venlo. De blauwe en groene kleur staan voor de bij voorkeur milieuvriendelijke behandeling en transport van de vrachten (Lean & Green, CO2-neutraal, C2C).